RFC Levitical Arts

Our mission is to glorify God and serve the church body through music, drama, dance, and prayer  
with excellence and humility in the power of 
the Holy Spirit.  

Our goal is to encourage, equip, and lead people into an intimate and dynamic worship relationship with our Lord, Jesus Christ .

“As the directors of RFCC Levitical Ministries our goal is to help people within our congregation discover their gifts in the levitical arts, to equip them, and to release them into their areas of calling .”      ~Dwayne and Kristi Geib  

If you regularly attend Restoration Fellowship and are in agreement with the beliefs and vision of church, we encourage you to get involved.  For information about involvement in specific areas of the levitical arts, contact the Levitical Directors.  If you desire to join the RFC Levitical Team, download and complete the “Levitical Application” on this page, and turn it in to the RFC office.  

Welcome to RFC Levitical Ministries!

Levitical Directors:  Dwayne and Kristi Geib
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